International Beauty Show-New York

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending IBSNY for my first time with my girlfriend Nikki aka my bestie aka my amazing hair stylist (love you girl!!!).  If I could sum up this show in three words it would be hair extensions, glitter, and pink.  This show was a hair dresser and makeup-artist’s dream…and it was PACKED to prove it!  The main part of the show was filled with all types of vendors selling scissors, t-shirts, hair accessories galore, jewelry, blow dryers…and yes indeed makeup!  You couldn’t even get to the NYX booth it was soooo flooded with ladies trying to get their hands on the bright colors that will be the hottest trends for spring and summer.  I made a small purchase at Stila, but when I got home I only wished I had gotten more from them haha, this is a newer brand to me and I LOVE them already.  Received amazing samples and a pretty sweet tote from Moraccan oil (another booth that was mobbed ha).  And my girls at Fake Bake were holding it down with actual applications of their sunless tanning products (future review post coming!).

There were a ton of hair classes going on, a handful of business ones, and a few makeup demonstrations.  I sat in on Eve Pearl doing her High Definition makeup class, also sat in on Noreen Young talk about the upcoming spring trends… “think Peacock Eye” she said haha.  Both ladies were a pleasure to watch and sooo funny.

(last pic is my girl Nikki getting glitter done on her eyes!)

There was so much to see and do that I can NOT wait to go next year.  I will be getting a room in Nyc for the night and preparing to get there super early so I’m able to take more pictures and be one step in front of the mob!

(my feather hair extensions, and Stila glitter liner on top of the blue eye liner I had on)

xoxo Heather



Maja Ivarsson for Sebastian Hair

As a blogger you know how we get a ton of spam emails.  I regularly go through and toss them all in the trash.  Most are about some plastic surgeon at how good they are at their work haha.

I recently got one from Sebastion Professional hair products and of course I had to open it (the larger companies I often do).  I actually really like these three pictures with Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds as the spokes model for Sebastian’s new line of shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair– “Color Ignite”.  The line was supposed to debut in salons starting this month.   Have you seen the line out??

I just love the mild coloring in her hair and the awesome makeup looks!!

xoxo Heather


P.s.  They sent me a video too haha.


Honestly WTF girls: Flower Halo!!!

I’m addicted to their diy’s and how appropriate is this flower halo for love month!!  You can see their whole tutorial HERE.

xoxo Heather



Read: Good to Great Hair

Book:  Good To Great Hair

Author:  Robert Vetica

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while…eek.  I recently decided to give this book a go from my usual makeup ones.  I never felt that I had unhealthy hair (I can say this because it’s not fried from over styling and I haven’t dyed it in any way for over 10yrs.)  but I am always looking for ways to give it a boost.  Even though I don’t have any other hair books to compare this one to, this book was straight amazing!  Robert Vetica, the great celebrity hairstylist, broke it down by helping you determine your hair’s texture, not to be confused with density, and then gave GREAT examples of hairstyling looks for different combination’s of hair types.  He also wrote about product overload and craziness, did you know you should NOT be washing your hair everyday??  Yea, it’s bad for it!!  To revive second day hair Robert suggests spritzing it with water before styling, the water will reactivate the products already in your hair.  Genius!  My favorite section was the Hairstyling where he did three looks on all different women with all different types of hair textures, densities, and wave patterns (wavy, curly, or straight).  That’s when he mentioned I should be using a smaller 1-inch barrel curling iron to give my thin texture hair a better curl–this explains why my hair never holds a curl for very long.  Bonus was that all the hairstyling techniques were not hard at all and could easily be replicated at home!!

Other topics he covered:  tools, haircutting, color, extensions & wigs

xoxo Heather


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