Read-Carmindy Get Positively Beautiful

Book:  Get Positively Beautiful

Author:  Carmindy

If you’re not sure who she is but the name sounds familiar, it’s because Carmindy is the makeup artist from TLC’s show What Not To Where and she is also the spokeswomen for Sally Hansen’s makeup line.  This is a great beginner book for those of you ladies seeking something additional to your makeup routine.  Carmindy has filled this book with powerful positive thinking and gives you a healthy and positive outlook to beauty.  When I first got the book,  I will be honest, I thought it was going to be another general makeup application book, but was pleasantly surprised by all the great positive reinforcement she supplied.  It does give you basic makeup applications for your special features but also provides Q&A sections with each chapter, makeup looks for different moods, and beautiful makeovers at the end.

P.S. Sorry for my mini absence this week.  I’ve been trying to get together an article for a local magazine.  If all goes well and it’s published I will let you girls know asap.  Cross you fingers for me! haha.

xoxo Heather


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  1. Jen says
    11 August 10 at 3:28pm

    I thought she looked familiar! Sounds like a great book!

  2. 11 August 10 at 8:30pm

    Ooo that sounds like a perfect book! The only make-up books I own are all of Kevin Aucoin’s- whom I love! But Carmindy’s sound like they would be a great addition.
    ps- Cath and I are working on your questions. They are so fun- thanks, Heather!
    pps- Good luck with your article! Do let us know when it comes out!

  3. Carol says
    11 August 10 at 8:48pm

    Thanks for all of your comments on Milk & Mode. Love your blog! xo

  4. .:Heather:. says
    11 August 10 at 8:51pm

    @Lar-I have all those too!! hahaha.
    @Carol-You’re very welcome, I love yours too.

  5. 12 August 10 at 2:08am

    i have a carmindy book and i love it. . they’re so do-able and gorgeous. . love your site btw :)


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