Paris Palette Makeup Tutorial #3: Starry Night

Here I found the colors in Van Gogh’s painting inspiration for this makeup look.  This is how I translated it into a wearable look for anytime.


  1. Prime and apply a shimmer white cream eyeshadow
  2. Apply Seine on the center of your eyelid
  3. With a small brush dust Versailles on the inner corner blending over Seine where they meet
  4. Blend Triomphe in the outer corner/crease and slightly over Seine where they meet
  5. Line upper lashes with black liquid liner pen (I’m using LORAC Front of the Line) and then line with Eiffel on top to set it
  6. Lower lashes: Use same white cream eyeshadow, Seine from inner to middle, Triomphe from middle to outer corner, use an eyeshadow sponge to lightly blend all together and soften the line.
  7. Black mascara top (this post), black mascara bottom (this post). Rouge in hollow of cheeks, Lumiere on top of cheek bones.  Clear shimmer gloss on lips (this post in Star)  Fini!  <—I don’t know if I pointed this out but this is french for finished haha.

xoxo Heather


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  1. Emilie says
    13 June 12 at 8:21am

    I love it!! That painting is one of my favourites, so cool that you have the idea to translate it into make up!!


    I would love for you to enter my giveaway Heather!! :)

    • 13 June 12 at 2:50pm

      Awhh thanks Emilie!!! And I’ll hope over today and make sure I do! Thanks for the invite <3

  2. Jenmarie says
    14 June 12 at 2:01am

    These colors are fantastic! I like that you did a nude lip too. So pretty!

    • 14 June 12 at 9:04pm

      Yea since my shadow was so heavy I had to go neutral and easy on the lips.

  3. Angelica says
    14 June 12 at 1:41pm

    Thank you Heather for sharing some tips how to put some make up…Its a big help for me..You look pretty in here..
    Angelica recently posted..Roninsnowboards Summer Camp Les Deux Alpes

  4. Laura says
    16 June 12 at 7:42am

    thanks for a great tips..I think you have to be simple is great..Thanks for sharing..


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