My Mark. Picks for Spring!

Ohhh how I love more inexpensive cosmetics.  It’s the best guilt free way of trying a fabulous new shade of eyeshadow or lip gloss without feeling terrible if you only wear it three times.  I mean break that down to a cost per wear scenario (oh hell yea, I not only do this with clothes but with makeup too!!!) and the eyeshadow only cost you $1.67.  Not much to cry over right?  So below I’ve listed my top 5 buys for Spring with mark.  I DO have all these items on order and can’t wait to start creating looks for you.


1.  Eye Shadow:  South Beach (light shimmery blue) and Retro Peacock (dark green-blue)

2. What A Line felt tip eyeliner: Twilight (navy blue)

3. Mini Mark It Stick hook up stick for lips: Apricot

4. Pro Glimmer hook up lip powder: Poof

5. Darling Denim Skirt Yea they’re getting some really cute and inexpensive clothes in.

Bonus! Right now if you spend $20 with Mark. you can get the Zip Around bag for only $20!  I thought this would be a great gift for a Mom or Aunt or whomever for Mother’s Day.


xoxo Heather


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