Mascara Monday: Film Noir

Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara in Onyx

by Hourglass

Cost: $28


This is such a great mascara!  I originally got it as a sample and couldn’t resist getting a full size version for the review.

The packaging is very high end feeling with it’s beautiful shiny metal tube and gold lettering.  The brush is what I was initially hesitant about.  As you probably know skinny brushes are just not my first choice when buying a mascara.  Maybe I just don’t have luck in using them, but this mascara definitely proved me wrong.  It features a skinny brush that has rows of bristles that get slightly shorter in the middle–giving it an “hourglass” shape.  It distributes the formula pretty evenly but in a very dramatic way.  The skinnier design also made doing lower lashes a breeze.

The formula was not in the least bit to wet or to dry and proved easy to apply with the first use.  It created full lashes but as I kept going over my lashes it separated them more and more.  So I used less dipping in the tube and more passes which equals the use of less product per application.  Keeping this theory I did notice I kept this mascara a little longer than most (hence why it’s been so long since I’ve done continuous Mascara Mondays–sorry ladies haha).

In the end I would recommend this to the lady that doesn’t mind forking over the little extra money to try a really great product, the beauty obsessed, and the lady that loves her lashes on the more full and dramatic side.

xoxo Heather


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