Mascara Monday: Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Skinny Brush Mascara Long & Tall

by Eyeko

This mascara is brand spanking new in the states!  Eyeko was founded and then created a cult following in London and was just released for purchase last week in Sephora’s here in the U.S..  I’m pretty excited to be able to share such a new product with you ladies.

So as you can see above Eyeko’s mascaras feature this amazing state of the art squeezy tube design that makes sure you really do use every last drop.  Although it might look a little intimidating at first let me assure you that dipping in and out of this tube is no different than any other.  The formula was a little more wet than others so go in slow and with a light hand, the bonus is this formula dries slowly so you have plenty of time to adjust and work with it.  Each of Eyeko’s mascara formulas contain vitamins and conditioning ingredients that promote lash growth and prevent breakage.

Skinny Brush mascara features a brush with a neat short to long bristle pattern.  The brush really lengthened my lashes and created the “spider lash” look that has become really popular.  If you’re worried about clumping Eyeko gives you a plastic shield that you can place behind your lashes during application.  I found it a little tricky at first but really loved how it also protected your eye shadow from smudges!

xoxo Heather


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