Mascara Monday: Buxom Lash

Buxom Lash

in Blackest Black

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Cost: $19

Buxom lash makes a great mid-level priced mascara.  It features a fat dense plastic bristle brush which I found fantastic.  The bristles really lengthened and kept out clumps, it was practically like combing your hair.  The formula went on really light and thin.  It made a beautiful natural look, but I wouldn’t expect much more.  No matter how many coats I attempted to layer on it never went past that innocent look.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, just depends on the final look you’re trying to achieve.  I like to rock this mascara with light washes of eyeshadow.  As you can see below I wore this with a champagne cream shadow sans eyeliner.

In the end I would recommend this for a new beautyista as you can’t overdo and look messy with this mascara, there’s little room for error.  Also, as we age our lashes become less dense and also become weaker, this mascara is great for the older woman because the formula is so light it won’t weigh her lashes down.


after one coat

after a few coats

xoxo Heather


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