April Julep Maven

I found two more reasons to love the Julep Maven program this month.  Number one being you get your box the first week of the month, seriously I think this box came on like the 2nd.  Number two being they sent out an email the week before about adding any of the other monthly shades to your box for only $4.99 more!  I got two shades, one I’m giving away on my facebook page so make sure to go over there and find out how you can win it!

Ok…my box was the cutest darn thing EVER.  It came all wrapped in pink paper with a lime green ribbon, tucked inside were also two pedicure toe spacers.  This was all surrounded with green shredded paper and chocolate eggs.  I think Julep should get first place in packaging–wins me over every month!

My colors this month were Molly, a classic red, and Alyson, a nude shade.  For my optional add on I got Susie, a super light mint green.  My treatment for April was a tube of The Best Pedi Creme Ever!<—that’s the name haha.  In all seriousness…it really was quite amazing.  My heels were smoother after just two uses.

Pics below via my new instagram, follow me @behindthelashes

xoxo Heather


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