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My name is Heather and I’m blogging from Philadelphia, PA.  I’m a part-time makeup artist that loves everything skin and makeup related (seriously I’m a huge beauty junkie).  I often do blogger beauty posts and decided this would be the greatest place to answer my own blogger beauty questions and for you to get to know me a little better.

BtL:  What does beauty mean to you?

Me:  Beauty is what you see in someone.  Their passion, their drive, their charm, their confidence, their energy is what makes someone beautiful.

BtL:  What’s your typical skincare routine?

Me:  I use a gentle cleanser, ph balancer (or you might call it toner), and moisturizer every morning and night.  My moisturizer has sunscreen in it for the daytime and I make sure to put on a good eye cream overnight.

BtL:  Do you have a go-to makeup look?

Me:  I love to use eye shadows and eyeliners.

BtL:  What can’t you leave the house without on?

Me:  Blush and black mascara.

BtL:  Do you have a favorite brand?

Me:  This is such a hard question since I love so many brands.  Right now I’m really loving Dinair, Hourglass, Tarina Tarantino, CoverFX, Naked Cosmetics, Tarte, Stila, Mark by Avon, and Covergirl.  Check back I may add more in another few months haha.

BtL:  What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

Me:  Twice a week I add a facial mask to my daily routine and have a nice glass of wine while it sits.

BtL:  What do you love most about being a blogger?

Me:  This has become a great creative outlet for me and I love forming relationships with other passionate bloggers like myself.

Me at Longwood Gardens, Photo taken by David Tormey

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