A Budget-Conscience Fashion Savvy Christmas Wish List

Hey Ladies!  While I’m away I asked my lovely friend Adrienne to write a guest post for you all.  Give her some love and check out her beautiful tumbler.

xoxo Heather


A Budget-Conscience Fashion Savvy Christmas Wish List

By Adrienne Marie of Somewhat Famous

I’m quite honored that Heather has asked me to do a guest blog post! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy contributing and saying hello to all of her faithful followers.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes I dread coming up with my Christmas wish list when my family requests it. I feel that throughout the entire year I’m always seeing things that I want or lust after, and then the time comes to make a list of them and I’m drawing a blank. It’s like when you try to force yourself to find the perfect dress for a
special occasion but can’t find anything. Yet you know if you weren’t looking for one, you’d find a million that you’d want to try on. Why is that?

So here is my attempt to enlighten those who may struggle with fashion but want to “look the part”. Or simply those like myself who struggle with figuring out what they want when put under a little shopping pressure from relatives. I’m also not made of money (surprise!) so I try my best to wear the latest fashion trends while sticking to a budget.
You can find the SAME designer looks for much less and I’ll show you some examples. Whenever I do post designer names in my What I Wore posts, 9 times out of 10, I purchased them at consignment shops. Best kept secret. Or TJMaxx which is my all-time favorite shopping destination for great labels at a less price tag.

Follow my lead for the perfect Winter wardrobe staples!

1. Anthropologie fleece lined tights – These are a few dollars well spent. Although this was also a Murphy’s Law scenario where I bought the two colors Anthropologie offers, and then found them for $6 at TJMaxx. The exact same, if not better made, tights that you can’t see through and are super soft inside! So check your local TJMaxx first.

2. Infinity scarves – I found very cool ones at Target here and here.  Judge for yourself, but I love them.

3. Bucco riding boots from Kohl’s – I’m a boots girl. I can’t get enough. And I’m always searching for the perfect ones! I’m not generally a Kohl’s shopper but my mom is. And she has all the Kohl’s Cash and coupons coming out her ears. I then saw these boots suggested by one of my tumblr friends I follow. I was hooked. I “had to have them”. So I directed my mom to order them online with all her millions of coupons and we got them super cheap.

4. Holiday Sequin Skirt 1 & 2 – I’ve seen these ALL over tumblr fashion. You might need to splurge on this item, although I found one of mine at Target last year and another one from Banana Republic at a consignment store. I’m pretty much
obsessed and yet there are only so many occasions that warrant a sequin skirt. Yet I now have two of them. And I plan to wear them into the rest of the winter.

5. Red or Blue skinny jeans (if you dare) – I have already done a post on my own blog on these alone. I would have never (in a million years) chose to wear these or selected them at the store on my own. But sometimes I like to be daring and try things a bit out of my comfort zone. So that is what I did here. And I have come to love them! Sometimes you can surprise yourself by trying something new. These are available at Express and I had intended on venturing there to try them on. But before I had a chance to, I first discovered a cheaper pair at Target! And as I’ve already mentioned, cheaper is usually better for me if I can attain the same look I’m going for. This allowed me to buy both colors instead of picking
between the two at Express.

If you use tumbler don’t forget to follow Adrienne’s tumbler Almost Famous!!!


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